Brand Strategist vs Brand Designer

It’s not worth a shot in the dark to hire a designer hoping they’ll get your vision, and don’t expect a brand strategist to figure out your direction without you.  Our hope is that clarifying these vital experts’ roles will help you to understand why you need both. 

When it comes to building and maintaining a successful brand, there are two key roles that are often involved: a brand strategist and a brand designer. While both of these professionals work towards the same goal of creating a strong and recognizable brand, they have distinct differences in their approaches and responsibilities.

A brand strategist is focused on the big picture of a brand’s identity and reputation. They work to understand the target audience, competitive landscape, and overall market trends to develop a strategic plan for how the brand can differentiate itself and succeed. This plan may involve elements such as messaging, positioning, brand values, and marketing tactics.

On the other hand, a brand designer is responsible for creating the visual elements that bring a brand to life. This includes designing a logo, selecting fonts and colors, and creating imagery that represents the brand’s values and identity. The goal of the brand designer is to create a visual language that resonates with the target audience and communicates the brand’s message effectively.

While there is an overlap between these two roles, the key difference lies in their focus. A brand strategist is concerned with the overall strategy and direction of the brand, while a brand designer is focused on the visual representation of that strategy.  We believe that a brand strategist can help ensure that the brand designer has a clear directive on what the visuals should portray based on the comprehensive ethos that is discovered. A thorough brand designer will walk you through a discovery process to achieve the visual presentation. Both roles are essential for building a strong and successful brand, and they often work closely together to achieve this goal.

So, while a brand strategist and a brand designer both contribute to the development of a successful brand, they have different areas of expertise and focus. A brand strategist is responsible for developing a strategic plan for the brand, while a brand designer creates the visual elements that bring that plan to life. Together, these two roles form a critical partnership in building a powerful and effective brand.  

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